Q: What do you do to fix the clock?
A: Often, cleaning, lubrication and adjustments are all that are needed. In many cases the movement has to be removed, dismantled, pivots polished, bearings replaced, adjustments made and case repairs performed.

Q: How much will it cost me to fix my clock?
A: The labor rate for clock repair is $45.00 per hour. Every clock is unique in that there are varying levels of complexity, age and maintenance history. For this reason, every clock needs an assessment before work starts. This is done at no charge and guaranteed to be within 10% of the initial estimate.

Prices will range from $90.00 to lubricate a clock to as much as $500.00 to overhaul a complex clock that has not been well maintained.

Q: How long is the service good for?
A: Most clocks require lubrication every three years if they are run 24/7. If they are run periodically, every 5 years is warranted due to dirt and dust getting into the movement.

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